FOMO Subject Lines

We’ve found that using FOMO in the last email is pretty successful however I’m getting bored with the same subject line.

Anyone have examples of how they use FOMO to drive registration?

Tried but did not get special results.

Nope, not for us, nobody has any fear of missing out on anything we do. We have to promote old fashioned way.

As an investments company, we’re “lucky” in that our webcasts are often oriented around what’s happening in the market – so there’s often that element of FOMO in the content, generally, and in the subject line of our invitations.

We did not get much of an impact using FOMO subject lines.

We haven’t tried FOMO subject lines.

Doesn’t work for us either. I think people are conditioned for webinars to be available on-demand and when they aren’t, they would be more annoyed than fearing missing out.

We haven’t used any FOMO subject lines and always use the same ones. Like Miles mentioned, most people watch the webinars on-demand and don’t fear missing out on the live program

We have and sometimes I think its the timing of the webinar more than time.

Using sometimes in the last email invite that goes out 1 day before the webinar - the most successful is still the first email invite, who wants to join/save the time joins from the first invite. Depends on the region/country also - I heard that for some the last minute invite works best